Saturday, June 7, 2008

We’re Seeking to Sponsor Socially Responsible Athletes is a new website that allows its members to connect with people whom they have seen out in public such as those who are participating in the same athletic event.

Users can enter an event on their profile and then connect with others who are participating in the same event to set up training sessions, social events, share travel expenses, etc...

To get the word out about our service, we are currently seeking to sponsor small events and individuals who are participating in athletic events that have a fundraising component.

One of our corporate guiding principles is to provide a service that promotes social responsibility amongst our members so we've chosen to take a more personal approach to our sponsorships.  Our first effort was to sponsor several riders on the AIDS Lifecycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles the week of June 1st.  Check out the Community link on to learn more about how we help organizations that help others.

We are seeking individuals who are passionate about a cause and are raising funds as part of a particular athletic event. will make a donation towards an individual or team's fundraising goal to those who create a profile on the site and use the site's "Event" feature to enter their event.

If you are raising funds for a charity race or are organizing a small event in your community and think can help, please email Joe at to get more details.  We look forward to helping athletes raise funds for causes they are passionate about.

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